I have been a professional chef for almost three decades working all over the UK mainly running my own restaurants in one form or another.


For several years I worked for the jewellers, Asprey London and the Crown Jewellers Garrard as their VIP chef and Hospitality Manager. Whilst there I cooked for A list celebs and other very high profile people as well as the owners and directors of the business. My time with this amazing company was to become one of the best experiences of my life and a huge learning curve. I cooked and looked after people I never thought I would ever meet in a lifetime.


My reason for leaving this fantastic job in London was to re-locate to live in Cyprus! A very different way of life but I loved it. I owned the best wedding venue on the entire island organising and delivering several hundred weddings for British people looking to marry abroad. I remained in Cyprus for ten years before selling up and coming back to the UK.


I currently own St James's Cafe Deli in Bath just behind the Royal Cresent. I have been there three years and have turned this neighbourhood cafe/deli into a thriving business serving only fresh food to a very high level. The business continues to grow daily, there are days we get so busy I think we're the only cafe in Bath....but no compaints from me I hope the business continues to thrive and grow and and manages to keep our lovely customers and many friends happy for a longtime to come.

Kim Koniotes

Professional Chef

Owner of St James's

Cafe Deli in Bath