My Little Blog

I started this blog over 2 years ago but sadly because the cafe, deli was so busy I decided to shelve it until there came a time when I could give it my full attention. I'm happy to announce that time has now come and I'm bringing it back with just a few changes. I've changed the name from Lavender and Honey to Bath Cafe Life because it's very much more specific to what I do which is running this lovely independent cafe deli in Bath just behind the Royal Cresent.

My aim for this blog is to introduce you to daily cafe life. How often have you foodies wondered what it would be like to own your own cafe/deli? Well unless you can actually cook and you're prepared to work many long hours you may struggle. Often a very nice idea but in reality its a very tough call. So lets see what daily cafe life is really like! I'm constantly being asked for my recipes and would I do some cooking demonstrations at the cafe?  What better way to cover both subjects with this lovely blog where I can share recipes, cooking tips, presentation ideas and maybe even some cookery demo videos once we get going. We'll talk about the wonderful fresh produce available and occasionally I will introduce you to my suppliers. I currently stock a small selection of deli items but as and when it comes to my recipes there maybe products you won't find in the shops. I would be more than happy to start stocking these items at the cafe for you.

So look out for all the latest recipes that I use in the cafe on a daily basis. Clifton Coffee supplies our excellent coffee which is currently an El Salvador dark roast. Hobbs House supply our breads and pastries. Jess from The Wild Flour Company supplies cakes along with John from Didi Cakes in Walcot Street. More introductions as we progress this little blog.

Oh and if I've forgotten to mention anywhere else on this site we are dog friendly!

I would love you to get involved and leave me comments in the box below. Welcome to Bath Cafe Life.....Enjoy!