Cafe on the Square...Part 3

July 21, 2019

 St James's Cafe Deli on St James's Street!


I'm back after what was to be a crazy week at the cafe, hence no posts.....I sincerely apologise! It's been a tough week in the kitchen. Whenever you make changes in your staffing it takes a while to settle down and find it's way, I've been experiencing as such this week. Anyway new suppliers on board and working well so my range of ingredients has increased for kitchen use. I'm now thinking to expand our deli products as I progress with the cookery demo's I think there will be a call for the slightly unusual produce. My intention is to start the cookery classes towards the end of September when it's slightly cooler in the cafe. I have also lined up two guest speakers, one lady who will be talking about Ayurvedic medicine and the other person will be talking about Chinese medicine. I will keep you posted on dates as I progress!


Always on the look out for shelf products that can be purchased as a small gift. Last week I came across a great Indian company who supply a range of spice kits in lovely tins I shall order them this week. In the meantime we do just a small range from our Spanish supplier Brindisa. They are all authentically Spanish and excellent quality. We also stock a lovely Greek extra virgin olive oil and a pure Greek honey just like honey used to taste before sugar was added.


 Brindisa our Spanish suppliers from Borough Market


The greetings cards we stock are by the English Graphics Company, Heather Martin, they fly out people buy six at a time. Sarah Ward who used to work with us and is now making her own range of pottery has a small shelf of her handmade salt pigs, mugs, bird feeders and other items that make great gifts. I'll try and get some decent photographs and put them up during the week.


Spinach Wraps


New products to the cafe this week is our spinach wraps I can also get beetroot and butternut squash flavour. I try and keep them vegetarian although the photograph above is with chicken.


Preserved lemon and mint


Siyez and Red Rice


I've loved working with all the different grains from Belazu. The combination with mint and preserved lemons is fabulous and I've had such great feedback from our customers. There is never any of these salads left on the counter after lunch.


So what else is new? Well I'm currently collaborating on a project with a local gym helping them to revamp their small cafe. I'm working on food ideas for them which are nutritious and healthy, so as soon as I can reveal more information on this I will. Funnily enough I have a meeting with the guy in question this afternoon. Another collaboration is currently helping a lovely lady Hannah on perfecting her recipe on an Ayurvedic cleanse which we're hoping to stock from the cafe. So its all go for me always involved in something who knows one day I might even write my own book!!!!


There is a real community feel to St James's Street where the cafe is located. We have amazing neighbours, Sam the Italian barber right next door, Hawes Whiston the chemist run by Simon and his wife, my hairdressers Maria and the girls from Corners Hair Salon, Kevin from the newsagents and our fantastic pub St James's Wine Vaults which has just been taken over by Charles and Nikki, last but not least the Dolly Tub launderette directly behind the cafe. We all use one another and actually share customers, we all feed off of one another.


I hope this gives you some insight into my cafe deli which with lots of hard work goes from strength to strength. So join me next week where I will be sharing some more recipes with you.


Have a great Sunday!





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