Summer Breeze

July 25, 2019

What a scorcher....with temperatures reaching almost 30 degrees today it was hot! Hope you all managed to keep cool and stay out of the sun? When I lived in Cyprus temperatures got up to between 45-54 degrees you couldn't breath the air was so hot. Imagine a very hot hairdryer blowing on you I coped I'll never know. I always told people I would have to go and live in Norway....I dreamt of living in a really cold climate. After a while water doesn't hydrate and do the trick you had to have a few re-hydration satchets which soon gets your energy levels back up.


On the up side I heard my favourite track of all time on the radio today by the Isley Brothers, 'Summer Breeze....makes you feel fine....blowing through the Jasmine in my mind'....takes me right back to my younger days. This fabulous summer is etched in my memory...when best friends and music were high priority and this album 'Harvest to the World' was all we ever played at full volume. Must have driven my parents mad!



I'll stop daydreaming now and get back to the cafe and food. I really didn't think we would be busy at the cafe in such heat......wrong! We sold out of food and half emptied the cold drinks fridge. Mostly takeaway as would imagine who wants to sit in on a day like today? A lovely spot under the shade of large tree in Royal Victoria Park is far more tempting. Food was simple today with my new gluten free tarts, frittata, sausage rolls and a few other goodies. Salads were fresh, cooling and delicious!




I really hope it cools down tomorrow because I'm doing a launch for Rob Sutchets new gym 'Class' down by the riverside in Bath. Rob also owns the gym 'Health' up by the cafe, opposite the Marlborough Tavern. I don't want my goats curd melting now do I??? I will take some photographs and do a post of my day down at will be a real change making tiny canapés again!


Ok folks keep cool, catch you tomorrow!

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