Shake and Eat

July 30, 2019

Another crazy week last week at the cafe.....if I'm not posting you'll realise its just too busy to get on my computer. Busy is a nice problem to have but sometimes you have to sidestep other things that you like to this blog! Now I may need a bit of help here or at least feedback if I may! I have been making what I call shake and eat salads based on an idea from America and I'm going to produce them commercially here in Bath in at least six different flavours to start with. I only want to sell to small independents, cafes, deli's, farm shops these kind of outlets. At least three of the salads will be both vegetarian and vegan, the other flavours I still have to work on.



So you get the idea! The least perishables go at the bottom and you layer so that you end up with your leaves or rocket at the top. The idea is you shake to coat with the dressing and eat from the tub or you tip into a salad bowl allowing the dressing to coat the salad that way. I've been taking them down to Rob Sutchet's gym Class and they have been selling really well. I've only made them for the cafe Monday and today but they have attracted a lot of interest. I've now bought the domain names and I just need the help of my trusted colleague John from Charles Saunders to find a suitable pot with a tamper evident lid. I've sourced labelling from another friend John from Didi Cakes so I'm almost set to market these lovely salads.



Any feedback welcome and of course I'll keep you posted on their development. Not all food outlets have cooking facilities so something like this would help immensely. The fact that three of them will be vegan and vegetarian should help certain outlets. Sometimes trying to produce vegan food can be tricky I often feel vegans get a raw deal and can be an afterthought in a lot of establishments. The joy of my salads is they have a maximum of 5 days shelf life in a fridge.....I guarantee they won't stay in any fridge for 5 days they'll be gobbled up.


So you see I haven't been completely idle....catch you tomorrow!

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