Lazy Sunday Afternoons for Inspiration

August 4, 2019


Sundays is my only downtime where I get a whole day off which can be tough after the busy weeks we've just had. Oh I need to remind you that the cafe is closed for one week from the 12 August so that I can regain some energy and rest my brain. I have a couple of meetings to come in for which I enjoy so you may catch me around. I'm also having the outside painted and someone coming in to deep clean the cafe just so that it looks fresh on my return. So Sundays I sit in the garden and try and get some food inspiration for the week ahead. I use books of which I have hundreds, the internet and Instagram which I find inspirational and very current.



Above are some books where I regularly draw inspiration from. I very rarely follow a recipe but I'll take the idea and add my own twists to suit whatever I'm trying to achieve for the cafe. Persiana is a great favourite as are most of Ottolenghi's books. Morito by Sam and Sam Clark is wonderful but mainly about their restaurant food which I would find hard to adapt for the cafe counter top, nevertheless a great read. Veggiestan by Sally Butcher is a fabulous Middle Eastern cookery book....a must if you are a veggie. Its full of Egyptian street food, Afghan yoghurt with aubergine, Turkish green wheat pilau, Freekeh which you know I use a lot of in the cafe. Besara which is a broad bean mash. The list is endless and such beautiful simple food....look the book up on line you won't be disappointed.






I would love to give photography credits for this book but I couldn't find who the photographer

was. Anyway the book Veggiestan is by Sally Butcher, publishers Pavilion. 


All the other photography is courtesy of me....Kim Koniotes



Next week I hope to have some tangible dates for the evenings I host with Sue Caden at St James's. I have a different guest speaker about once a month talking mainly about diet, health and nutrition. I supply wine, soft drinks and platters of food for each table. These events are always well attended usually with a waiting list incase we have any cancellations. I will also be providing you with info on my cookery demonstrations which I have had a deluge of requests for.....sincerely hope these will be well attended as well.



Thank you for joining me! I'm off to our next door neighbours for a well earned glass of Prosecco....catch you soon. Hopefully I will be posting more next week.



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